Members may join a council representing their special interest area. Cow-Calf and Cattle Feeders Councils are made up of members with an interest in those segments of beef production. Council leaders serve on the SDCA Board of Directors and the Councils also host meetings and events pertaining to their area of specialty. Communications that are specific to these operations are also provided to council members when necessary.

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Committees meet during SDCA’s annual convention and other times throughout the year to address areas of policy within their purview.  They follow the traditional committee process, with input coming from SDCA members and local affiliates.

SDCA Committees:

Agriculture & Food Policy

Aids in developing a plan of work and policies that will ensure cattlemen are being represented and addressed in legislation and regulation dealing with general agriculture or food-related policies. This committee will also consider federal and state budget issues. 

Cattle Health & Well Being

Provides strategic guidance to develop a plan of work and policies which will ensure cattle health and well-being issues are addressed to maintain the health and quality care of cattle. Develop a plan of work, policies, and project recommendations in order to ensure that consumers receive safe and wholesome beef products.


Federal Lands

Provide the strategic direction for a viable federal lands cattle industry using historical means and new opportunities.  

International Markets

Ensures that international marketing initiatives and trade policy are integrated, provides direction and support for USMEF activities and coordinates with the U.S. market so global market opportunities are maximized. 

Live Cattle Marketing

Provides guidance in developing policies and a climate that will ensure live cattle marketing, grading, risk management, and transportation issues are addressed in an effective manner, allowing the beef industry to maximize profitability while consistently meeting consumer needs and increasing market share. 

Membership & Information

Provide the necessary strategic guidance that will assure the resources and strong state/affiliate coordination required to achieve the SDCA mission. The primary responsibility for new member solicitation and retention programs, membership dues records & reports, affiliate - NCBA membership liaison, and membership benefits and recognition items. 

Property Rights & Environmental Management

Develops policy and provides the necessary strategic guidance that will assure property rights and environmental issues are identified and managed effectively and efficiently, thereby avoiding an adverse effects on beef purchases. 

Tax & Credit

Addresses all federal and state tax and credit matters involving the beef cattle industry.