South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary 

South Dakota Producers Passionate About Beef Promotion and Education 

 The South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary works to communicate about and promote beef to the public through many consumer events and outreach efforts. Auxiliary members include farm and ranch women, industry representatives, and beef advocates.

 Why Should you be a member of the South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary?

Join are a group of women who support and promote beef in South Dakota. The funding used by the Auxiliary is generated through the $1 National Beef Check-Off. Half of that $1 dollar is invested in beef promotions through out the state under the supervision and approval of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and the other half is invested in supporting Beef with programs on a national level. Our projects are championed by our members and agreed upon by the membership.  

Here are some of our past projects:  

  • Supporting young people and their families participating in the EmBe Girls on the Run/Let Me Run program  
  • FamilyFest for summer fun  
  • Etc. for Her Magazine‚Äôs Expo For Her  Beef Up Your Reading Program 


 The SDCA Auxiliary is a affiliate of the American National Cattlewoman (ANCW) . ANCW is a voice for women who share a passion for the beef community with a focus on Beef Promotion, Education, and Legislation.

Auxiliary Leadership 

 President: Ashley Iliff 
 Treasure: Laurie Johnson 
 Secretary: Shirley  Thompson

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Looking for a baby gift that supports a great cause and message?

 "When I get teeth feed me beef" Bib: $15 

Contact Shirley Thompson to purchase: 605-360-6546