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June 7, 2021

How Are You? Op-Ed Warren Symens

More and more I find myself asking people, “How are you?”, and meaning it, rather than just using it as a greeting. When they say, “fine,” I ask, “would you tell me if you weren’t?” The variety of responses I get range from, “yes,” to, “probably not,” and everything in between...

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June 4, 2021

South Dakota Ag Groups Unite to Discuss Solutions for Cattle Industry

Leaders from six South Dakota agriculture groups came together in Pierre on June 2, 2021, to unite behind solutions to help South Dakota’s cattle industry.      The groups who met include South Dakota Livestock Auction Markets Association, South Dakota Cattlemen...

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May 17, 2021

Somebody Should Do Something About That

Op-Ed: Eric Jennings  “America’s farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners have an important role to play in combating the climate crisis and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by sequestering carbon in soils, grasses, trees, and other vegetation and sourcing sustainable b...

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April 13, 2021

Maintaining Consumer Confidence

Op-Ed SDCA President Eric Jennings  We are lucky to be involved in an industry and culture that values integrity. Sayings like “our word is our bond” and “sealed with a handshake” actually mean something in our industry. Cattle deals are still made over the corral fence a...

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