SDCA Webinars: Providing education opportunities  for members

SDCA COVID-19 Member Update 

 Hear from SDCA President Eric Jennings as he discusses current events surrounding COVID-19, South Dakota, and the Beef Industry. There will be a question and answer session during this webinar as well. This is a great webinar to stay informed on the everchanging climate that we are currently navigating and the opportunity to ask questions about programs, proposed bills, and events impacting beef producers. 

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Keeping it Short and Sweet; How to share your message in a way they will hear Webinar 

As agriculturalists, we are told to share our stories. But, telling your story in a way the audience will resonate and respond to can be a challenge. We'll discuss ways to keep your message short and sweet, and how to share it in a way they hear. 

 Featured Speaker: Beth Mayrose Kenkel 

Beth has a degree in agricultural communications, education, and leadership. She has worked in non-profit with a focus on organizational and student development. She currently serves as a national level trainer for young leaders. 

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CFAP Q&A Webinar

South Dakota FSA Agents provide information on the new Covid-19 Food Assistance Program. Agents will walk members through the details on the new program, provide resources on how to apply and answer frequently asked questons. 

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 Thank you South Dakota FSA for taking time to help our members walk through this process and answer questions!

Cultivating Good Communication Webinar

Join us on Monday, May 11th at 7:00pm

Join the South Dakota Cattlemen Association as we discuses the importance of good communication during this 40 minute webinar. The webinar is open to all members with registration required. 

Hear from SDCA Outreach Coordinator Aimee Sitter on how positive communication is essential to handling stress, completing daily task and maintaining relationships   

During these stressful times it is important to continue to work together and communicate effectively to complete task and face some of our biggest challenges   

Topics covered include:    

Positive communication skills   

Effectively handling conflict    

Relationship management