SDCA, #1 Food Booth at the SD State Fair

Mark you calendar to visit the South Dakota State Cattlemen’s Association at the South Dakota State Fair In Huron, SD! We will be at the fair Aug. 29th -Sept. 2nd, stop down and check out the food booth located in the southeast corner of the midway food fair mall. The South Dakota Cattlemen will be serving beef sandwiches at their food booth and sharing how cattlemen producers are creating positive impact on the state’s economy.  The cattlemen cook the beef on site using a pellet grill. The meat is then sliced and served in two delicious options, the original roast beef sandwich or a roast beef melt with cheese and peppers. Combine your meal with chips and a drink for the most affordable option at the fair! 6,500 sandwiches will be served over fair weekend by SDCA volunteers, local FFA chapters and 4-H clubs. The booth was voted the #1 Fair Food the South Dakota State Fair last year.   Make sure to stop by the SDCA Food booth to learn how the cattlemen’s association has been advocating for policy changes this year at the state and national level. One win for the association this year was the FEEDD Act, which has allowed farmers to plant a forage crop on prevent plant acres to be eligible for harvest September 1st instead of the original date of November 1st. As a Cattlemen’s member you are truly providing a valuable insurance for your cattle operation. Without the SDCA, there would not be a united voice for producers in the state. Attendees can also stop by the booth and learn how to become an SDCA member. The mission of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association is to provide a voice for South Dakota cattlemen on all public policy issues in front of congress, the state legislature and government agencies. Make sure to ask any questions you have about the association with the food booth workers, they love discussing the association and the cattlemen industry with producers and the public! Follow the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association on Facebook for all for announcements regarding the SDCA food booth at the South Dakota State Fair.