SDCA Strategic Planning Meeting

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 17, 10:30 am CDT

WHERE:  Pierre Ramkota – Lake Sharpe Room, Pierre, SD

Lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP by Monday, July 15 to or call the office at 605-945-2333.  All members, sponsors, and allied industry supporters are encouraged to attend!

Do you have ideas for how SDCA might better serve our members?  If the answer is YES, please plan to attend our Strategic Planning meeting in Pierre on July 17.  In particular, we’re seeking feedback on the following: 

  • Are we meeting the needs of SD beef producers?  What are we doing well?  What could we be doing better?How do we engage with our members on a deeper level?
  •   How can we energize our membership to be more active in membership recruitment and retention?  Do we need new recruiting/retention programs and, if so, who should be in charge of creating them and following-through to make them work?
  • Are our membership dues structure and levels appropriate/sufficient to ensure the sustainability of SDCA and to accomplish our organizational goals? Should we look at options for periodic “automatic” dues increases?
  • What is the long-term sustainability of our current beef booth fundraiser structure?  How long can we anticipate we will be able to count on volunteers to commit the time necessary to make the beef booth events work?  How could we recruit new volunteers to help with these events?
  • How do we fill the revenue budget gap if these were to go away? Is our current convention format meeting the needs and expectations of our members?  Are there “new” events we should consider, such as a summer tour or business meeting like many of our state affiliate counterparts have?  If the desire is to create a new event, what is the purpose, what does it look like and when should it be held? What other revenue sources could/should we consider?
  • What would be meaningful to the membership and provide another potential revenue stream? 

If you aren’t able to attend our Strategic Planning meeting, but have feedback on these or other topics related to how SDCA serves our members, please email your thoughts and insights to Jodie Anderson, SDCA Executive Director, at or call the office at 605.945.2333.

SDCA Communications Survey

We’re evaluating evaluating our current communications vehicles (magazine, website, social media, email bulletin and app) and seeking recommendations for how we should communicate with you in the future.  Please take the short survey linked here to provide your input: