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Locally: SDCA is a grassroots organization consisting of 15 county or regional affiliates and 3 councils providing the greatest opportunity for producer input and policy recommendations.

Statewide: SDCA affiliates and councils appoint representatives to the SDCA Board of Directors and policy committees. These volunteer leaders are your voice at the state level, setting SDCA’s goals and shaping our policy. These policies are then carried by SDCA members to the Legislature, state agencies, consumer groups, and media, providing a statewide voice for today’s beef producers.

Nationally: As an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), SDCA provides a voice for South Dakota cattlemen on national issues affecting your business. Our involvement with NCBA ensures you have a seat at the decision-making table. The NCBA Washington office is considered one of the most effective ag lobbying groups on the Hill while the Denver office conducts research, communication, membership services and beef promotion activities.


From serving on boards and committees to serving beef at local events, SDCA volunteer members devote thousands of hours to ensuring cattlemen are represented on issues that affect your bottom line.

Environment: SDCA monitors environmental and conservation programs to ensure local, state, and national policies and regulations are compatible with the best interests of cattlemen.

Beef Promotion: SDCA is a strong supporter of the beef checkoff and its promotion and research programs, credited with increasing beef demand by 25% in the last six years. SDCA is one of eight organizations represented on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, which determines how the state’s checkoff dollars are spent.

Beef Quality: SDCA is a long-time advocate of Beef Quality Assurance practices and supports the South Dakota Certified program as a way for members to capitalize on South Dakota’s reputation for producing high-quality beef products.

Public Relations: SDCA joined four other statewide ag groups to found Agriculture United for South Dakota. This joint effort will provide an opportunity to address issues and public relations concerns that affect all producers, presenting a unified voice for agriculture in the media and across the state.

Market Access: SDCA closely monitors marketing and trade practices at the state and national levels to be sure cattlemen receive appropriate market access and profit opportunities based on sound scientific principles.


SDCA is your voice to legislators, consumers, educators and other leaders. SDCA is a professional organization directed and supported by South Dakota Cattlemen.

Producer Membership Types:

SDCA Producer Membership ($100 Annual Fee) - Any individual that owns cattle or property on which cattle on run.
•Voting member of SDCA (one vote per member)
•Receive all SDCA publications, The South Dakota Cattlemen magazine, weekly e-newsletter, legislative updates
•Receive discounts on all advertising and coupons to various state business partners.
•Invitations and discount rates for all SDCA events and local affiliate events.

Fair Share Program (Optional) - Individuals are given the option to pay additional dues based on the number of head in their operation. Fair share dues go directly to SDCA's efforts to protect the rights of individual cattle producers.
•Cow-Calf Fair Share = $.20/Pair
•Feeder Fair Share = $.10/Head

SDCA Feeder Council Membership (Optional) - For cattle feeders and backgrounders. The SDCA Feeder Council focuses on special interests of feeders, particularly environmental regulations.
•Must be a current SDCA member to join the Feeder Council. Feeder Council dues can be paid directly to SDCA.
•The SDCA Feeder Council holds their own meetings and events and has elected leadership.
•1-1000 Head = $200
•1001-3000 Head = $400
•> 3001 Head = $600

SDCA Cow-Calf Council (Optional) - For cow-calf operators. The SDCA Cow-Calf Council focuses on issues directly impacting cow-calf operators.
•Must be a current SDCA member. Cow-Calf Council dues can be paid directly to SDCA. The cow-calf council holds their own meetings and has elected leadership.
•Dues: $20

Young Producers Council (Free)- Open to individuals ages 18-35 that are planning to becoming involved in the beef industry as a rancher or beef industry professional and individuals that would like to gain exposure, leadership training and networking opportunities.
•Must be 18-35 and a current SDCA member.
•The YPC holds events throughout the year that focus on leadership training and industry knowledge. Social events are also held.
•There are no additional fees to join the YPC at this time.
Student memberships are available to full-time students for $45.
•A $250 scholarship is given to one YPC member at the Annual Convention and Trade Show.


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