Who We Are

Our Mission

Advance the interests of South Dakota cattlemen through representation and promotion of the beef industry. 

Our Vision

To be an organization where members work together to protect their industry;  seek solutions to industry problems; provide a unified voice and to build the good will, esteem, and recognition the industry deserves. 

Industry Advocates


SDCA is a grassroots organization consisting of 16 affiliates in five regions providing opportunities for members to be involved in their local communities. There are also three councils for specialized segments of the industry.

  • Cow/Calf Council
  • Feeder Council
  • Young Cattlemen's Council


Each region and council elects representatives to the SDCA Board of Directors. These volunteer leaders are your voice at the state level. The members' policy is created through policy committee and voted on by membership at the SDCA Annual Meeting. The SDCA represents that policy to the legislature , state agencies, consumer groups, and media providing a statewide voice for today's beef producers.


The SDCA works directly with our congressional delegation on federal issues that impact South Dakota cattlemen and women. Additionally, as an affiliate of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), the SDCA is the voice for South Dakota producers on national issues that impact you and your business. Our affiliation with NCBA means you have a seat at the table and a vote in the national decision making. The NCBA Washington office is considered one of the most effective lobbying groups on the Hill. The Denver office has a team dedicated to research, communication, membership services, and beef promotion activities to support the state affiliates.

SDCA Leadership

The South Dakota Cattlemen's Association is a grassroots organization that relies on participation of the members through their local affiliates and by electing representatives to serve on the state Board of Directors.

The board is comprised of the immediate past president, the president, vice president, the vice president of membership, one representative from each council and two regional representatives from each of the five regions (western, northern, southern, northeastern, southeastern).

The regional representatives shall be elected for a term of two years, with one representative from each region elected each year on a rotating basis.

Regional Representatives


Jay Jones, 605-845-3082, jones@westriv.com
Troy Hadrick, 605-347-1182, troyhad@gmail.com  


Drew Edleman, 605-881-2419, dwedleman86@gmail.com
Nick Wilkinson, 605-847-5080, wilkinsonn77@gmail.com


Colby Olson, 605-680-4676, ckolson@midstatesd.net 
Austin Havlik, 605-999-9245, ahavlik@firstdakota.com


Casey Heenan, 605-842-3100, cheenan@winnercirclefeedyard.com
Kory Bierle, 605-843-2275, kry@gwtc.net


Britton Blair, 605-347-0426, britton.blair@yahoo.com
Devin Stephens, 605-642 9769, dbstephens1984@gmail.com

SDCA Officer Team

The South Dakota Cattlemen's Association officer team is made up of five individuals, the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President of Membership and Past President.

Eric Jennings

605-641-6420, ejennings@sdcattlemen.org 


Warren Symens

605-237-2127, wsymens@sdcattlemen.org



Vaughn Thorstenson 

605-649-6262, vwthor@venturecomm.net


Craig Bieber

605-216-8169, craig@bieberredangus.com


Jeff Smeenk

605-456-0200, cn_ranch@sdplains.com


Council Leadership

The Councils are made up of members with an interest in those segments of beef production. Council leaders serve on the SDCA Board of Directors and the Councils also host meetings and events pertaining to their area of specialty. Communications that are specific to these operations are also provided to council members when necessary.

Cow-Calf Council:

The SDCA Cow-Calf Council focuses on issues directly impacting cow-calf operators.

Chair: Jared Knock - Jared.Knock@gmail.com - 605-881-2375

Feeder Council:

The SDCA Feeder Council focuses on the special interests of feeders, particularly environmental regulations.

Chair: John Reisch - Reischfarms@alliancecom.net - 605-772-4396

Young Cattlemen of South Dakota Council:

The SDCA Young Cattlemen of South Dakota Council helps young producers connect through education and networking as well as leadership experience.

Chair: Emily Peterson - emily.webster@elanco.com - 515-443-4465

SDCA Staff

Taya Runyan

SDCA Executive Director

Lorrin Naasz

Director of Communication & Outreach