Region Roundup

Calling all cattlemen - members and nonmembers alike - the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association (SDCA) is coming to you! We invite you to join us at one of the stops on our road trip to meet with affiliates, cattlemen and women, as well as industry leaders at our Region Roundup events! The Region Roundup is a series of meetings full of issue discussions, and a meal with fellow cattle folks. Join SDCA and you‘ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about issues directly affecting the cattle industry and hear how NCBA and SDCA are leading the charge on those issues with policy crafted at the grassroots level.

  • Have thoughtful discussions among those attending about issues that are specific to them and learn how SDCA can assist.

  • Hear from our State Association leadership about their efforts in Pierre – from the administrative side of the organization, monitoring local, state, and national level policy, to planning the 75th Annual Convention and Tradeshow.

  • Call for nominations for Region leadership that would like to serve on the SDCA Board of Directors. The SDCA relies on participation of the members through their local affiliates and by electing regional representatives to serve on the Board of Directors. The board is composed of an executive leadership team, a representative from each council, as well as two regional representatives from each of the five regions – western, northern, southern, northeastern, and southeastern. 

Join us at a Roundup near you!